HILL360° feedback

The multi-source appraisal called 360° feedback has been available at HILL International's service since the spring of 2007. 360 degree appraisal

HILL - one of the first consultant companies in the Hungarian market - developed an assessment system which is accessible via the Internet and at any time can be tailored to our costumers' individual requirements.

Benefits of HILL360° feedback are the following:

  • online, easy to fill in via Internet, ensures maximum time flexibility to the busy employee, and the manager with a tight schedule

  • supported by thorough follow-up and evaluated by experts of our organizational development division

  • detailed users' manual helps the filling process

  • graphical interface makes the filling procedure easy-to-follow and transparent

  • HILL guarantees anonymity

  • tailor-made assessment system ensures high level of flexibility owing to HILL's independent software development

  • openly selected competence sets, adapting to the client's preferred competence system

  • freely defined category and evaluation ranges

  • freely selected company-specific competencies

Please feel free to contact HILL International if you need further information regarding HILL's 360° feedback at +36/1/201-2252 or alternatively send an e-mail to our product manager, Zsolt Fazekas.

You can learn more about HILL360° feedback in the menu item: Methods.

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