Alternative software solutions


HILL started it's software development activity in 1994. In the past few years beside of FineFit development HILL supported it's Client by designing tailor-made unique software applications according to their demands.

HILL is happy to propose it's own service not only for renting it's online devices but designing online career site, creating active forms for application selection or developing alternative online recruitment methods and HR branding solutions.

Individual software development solutions can be html based tool, or those products which are based on our already existed applications but can be fulfilled with different  meaning, like:

  • Egyéb eszközöktests;
  • organizational measurement;
  • questionnaires;
  • language tests;
  • IT tests;
  • knowledge measurement tests;
  • satisfaction measurement;
  • other tools.

In the past 15 years, online presence meant the webpage of the company, nowadays the focus moved to the web 2.0, those places where the company can communicate with it's followers and vica-versa. Social sites are blooming, blogs, forums are more popular than ever. The style of job-seeking is continuously changing, the role of printed media is decreasing, most of the job ads are online.

HILL offers you it's service, beside our online solutions if you want to redesign your career and talent management processes we are happy to support you.


Individual Develepoment: 

HILL is keen to develop unique software solutions which are absolutely tailor-made to our Customer's demands.

We have already supported international firms by developing new advertisement management software, unique and tailor-made psychological and organizational development tools, IT or language tests, 360 degree feedback system solutions. Our applications have common features: the solutions are flexible, and easily adaptable in new languages.


HILL experts are looking forward to provide you more information about HILL's software solutions via phone on +36 1 201 2252 or alternatively send e-mail to us.