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HILL started to develop software applications in 1994, this was the year of the launch of HILL database.

After the millennium HILL focuses on individual application development. Nowadays HILL provides and uses many HR related software which are created with high professionalism, efficient and can be tailor-made to the users demands.
These products are available in cloud-service for our Clients beside HILL's own usage.
Elektronikus HR megoldások

Advantages of HR software:
  • decreases administration, more simple communication;
  • less time-wasting paperwork; FineFit Entry
  • easy to follow up; FineFit Person
  • collecting applicant/employee database;
  • objective measurement; HCA
  • easy to supervise the work-flow;
  • less admin work, difficult evaluations can be simplified, like 360 degree feedback;
  • HR branding - the feedback from the labour market will be more positive.

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