FineFit Programs

FineFit was designed and developed to simplify and support the recruitment and selection processes, and helps to follow-up the data-flow. FineFit is an ATS (Applicant Tracking System) application.

Felhő alapú megoldások
All of the FineFits are in the cloud, means that you don't have to install anything to the server or desktop computers.

FineFit needs only a standardized browser, all of the downloaded documents will be open  in it's own application (like curriculum vitae, cover letter, test results, etc.).

FineFit is available from desktop computer, notebook and even via mobile phone (tested for Android OS only.
FineFit's framework is very flexible, the end user usage and administration is very easy, you even don't have to involve the company's IT department for the software launch.
Automatic updates help the customer to reach the best user experience.


FineFit előszűrő rendszerek

FineFit system contains the following modules:


  • FineFit Entry: flexible pre-selection application, ideal solution for online mass recruitment, easy to rank the applications and find the most suitable candidate;
  • FineFit Person: database software, the best solution for collecting applicant's data. The program can handle different projects and users and HR searches are supported with it's detailed filter.