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Interview TrainingHILL Competency Based Interview Training

The Competency Based Interview Training is a systematic overview of the necessary theoretical and practical information of search and selection process. The training enables mid- and top-level managers responsible for recruitment to become more efficient and conscious in selecting their new colleagues.

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HILL Competence Analysis

HILL International selects professionals with careful circumspection. While several 'headhunter' companies use psychological assessments, some of the employers and employees are skeptical of these methods.

The Competence Analysis used by HILL International has been applied widely and for a long time, both in Hungary and abroad. This method meets the HILL's strict rules of standardization, and it is also available in other countries of the HILL network. Therefore applicants can be examined in seventeen European languages, which guarantees standard conditions of assessment for international search & selection projects.

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HILL - 360 degree Feedback

Within the HR profession, 360 degree has a different meaning than in mathematics. Usually at the end of each year slightly before closing, it happens that the direct manager evaluates the annual performance of the team and individuals. Was the year successful? Is the direct leader satisfied with the employees' work? They can review together, whether the goals set for last year have been achieved? How can we properly revise them and improve results? What can the next steps/goals be, etc.

In the spring of 2007 HILL International launched its own, individually developed, Internet-based performance assessment system.


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