Competence Analyses

Psychometric tests
HILL International selects professionals with careful circumspection.
The experts of HILL Hungary have completed more than nineteen thousand tests and given feedback in each case in the last two decades. HILL applies its own method that consists of six modules, which allows us to tailor our service completely to the demands of our clients.
Appropriately used psychological methods make it more probable that the selected candidate will perform well. Besides the personal interviews and references questionnaires provide us further information and the combination of all these methods gives us enough data to make a decision.
You can find further details of the rules regarding to use psychometric procedures at the point Psychological measuring.

The Competence Analysis used by HILL International has been applied widely for a long time, both in Hungary and abroad. This method, which is also available in the other countries of the HILL network, meets the strictly standardised rules of HILL. Therefore applicants can be examined in seventeen European languages which guarantees standard conditions of assessment for international search & selection projects.
HILL prefers E-procedures or computer-aided methods. HILL has developed its own psychometric system: the HILL Competence Analysis.
In addition to the search & selection processes, HILL Competence Analysis supports decisions about promotion, development plans, or internal personnel questions usefully.
If any other type of tests is needed or if you have further questions about HILL's Test batteries please call +36 1 2012252 or +36 20 2012252 or send us an e-mail.

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