Career training

HILL International proudly presents its career training that, while predominantly aimed at graduates, can of course also can be useful for experienced professionals, especially if they have not needed to actively search for a job for a long time. The training is also recommended for those professionals who have spent a lot of time in a specific place, area, sector and now plan to change.

The aim of the training

Teaching participants the principles and techniques, that makes them able to successfully apply for a job. This training includes an interactive 'one-on-one' counselling session. By improving their self-recognition, and knowledge about the labour market our participants can strengthen their ability to manage themselves, find the right opportunities, and integrate easily to a new working environment.

Career training at first glance

In our Development Center participants get a comprehensive picture and a systematic analysis about their personality, interest, knowledge and skill level and their fields to be developed as well. On this basis we can provide them relevant information about the opportunities on the labour market. We help them in re-orientation and setting new goals if necessary in order to make them able to manage their career on their own. It is important to make them pay attention for even such issues as organizational culture, different value systems and working styles' etc. Thus we can reduce the risk of failure in the integration process at a new workplace. Besides career counselling in the narrower sense, by this training participants gain deeper understanding on themselves as a personality. However, we provide up-to-date information and methodology with respect to cv, cover letter, and interviewing as well.

Modules of the career training

> Theoretical module with a psychologist expert:
  • introductory talk

  • test: making up personality and ability profile, assessing managerial potentials, interactive discussion about the results

  • creating a tailor-made, up-to-date resume and writing cover letter

  • passing an interview successfully - theoretical background and practice, role-playing exercises and assessment

> Practical module with a career consultant expert:

  • introductory talk

  • exercises on self-recognition, analyzing problematic points of the career path

  • exploring new opportunities on the basis of the acquired knowledge by SWOT analysis.

  • getting aware of the mechanism of making decision

  • spotting the ideal position with respect to personality, abilities, skills, values, interest, and working style

  • improving self management with special respect to finding relevant positions and winning them

  • difficulties of the integration to a new workplace after a successful application

> The program is recommended for:

  • fresh graduates

  • experienced professionals if they have not needed to actively search for a job for a long time

  • professionals who have spent a lot of time in a specific place, area, sector and now plan to change but they feel to be in lack of job hunting practice or self-recognition for finding a new way.

The basis of calculating the cost of the training is the fee of one career hour. It is 12.000.- HUF+VAT. The minimal package is 4 hours/module. After it, participants can decide how many further training they need. Appointments of sessions always agreed with the client within the limits of the opening hours of HILL's offices. Participants receive written material that contains all the core theoretical knowledge for the specific modules.

Responsible Consultants: Ferenc Pintér psychologist (+36 1 201 2252,, László Csoknyay career consultant, labour market and human resource expert (+36 20 944 2835,