HILL Executive Search

The most appropriate and efficient tool for the client looking for highly qualified, successful managers is the Executive Search. In the course of this process, the relevant specific sector is fully investigated, which provides the client with all necessary information to make the right decision. Executive Search usually takes from five to eight weeks. In every case HILL provides a six to twelve months guarantee of competency for the selected executive.

The process of Executive Search:

  • Defining the job profile and identifying the research strategy and target group with the client

    Executive search, Direct search

  • Investigating the potential candidates with the necessary expertise (long-list)
  • Contacting the identified candidates
  • Personal interviews with one of the senior consultants of HILL
  • Summary preparation about the most competent candidates (short-list)
  • Introduction of candidates to the client
  • Assisting clients and candidates with the completion of a working contract

Please contact our colleagues for further information: via email or on +36/1/201-2252.

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