Competency Based Interview Training


Competence based search and selection training for HR experts.

With more than five hundred top- and mid-level managers having participated in the Competency Based Interview (so called Treasure-hunting) training provided by HILL International, we are proud of having worked with customers such as Budapest Bank, Cora, Grundfos, UPC, Philip Morris, and more than two hundred HR associates having visited our open recruitment training.

We are glad to have the opportunity to share and use the experience of more than 2500 successful selection projects in this open recruitment training.

Due to this training program the participants will be able to:

  • Interview training

    Gain competence based interview technique thorough knowledge of the search and selection process and the main methods of the system
  • Evaluate the candidates track record, performance, skills in a structured manner as well as their own HR methods in the context of other training participants' shared experiences
  • is ensured to get an insight into the global point of view about the final goal of recruiting, its processes and methods
  • understand deeply the Human Resources organization and the roles of its functional parts in the hiring system
  • lead and evaluate selection interviews independently in their own professional field
  • estimate the motivation of the applicants
  • understand and identify the inner aims of candidates and assess possible concealed intentions
  • prioritize the advantages and disadvantages of hiring each candidate

If you wish to participate in the Competency Based Interview Open Training - provided by HILL - please, do not hesitate to contact our expert, Tóth Ibolya on the +36 1 2012252. She can also support you if you need more information, or need help in connection with the training (parking information, help with booking the hotel, etc.).

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