The Treasure-searching Training

Treasure-searching is a brand-new training of HILL Development, which concerns the systemisation of the theoretical and practical knowledge required for personnel selection. Treasure-searching Training makes senior or junior managers and leaders more efficient and conscious in selecting their new colleagues.

This training programme aims to improve the co-operation between the HR experts and leaders concerned in personnel selection. The Treasure-searching training efficiently improves both the theoretical knowledge of the participants as well as their skills and attitudes.

The final aim of Treasury-searching program is that the participants get familiar with the basic criteria of selecting employees in general as well as within the context of their own company.

Components of the training are:

Explanation of HR processes theory and practice
Selection based on competence theoretical lecture
Defining the requirement profile theory and situation practice
The Curriculum Vitae practice
The interview
The decision
Adaptation of the new colleague theory and practice

You can learn out more about this subject from the expert of HILL Development; you could also find news on sites of HR professional forum.

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